joi, 1 decembrie 2011

Back to December

(For no reason, today my post it's going to be in English. Hope you'll still read it. )

 And we're back to December... old memories, other snowflakes falling in front of my eyes... but last year... last year it was different. Last year was my best December. You made me smile, you made me belive I can be whoever I want. And then... when January came, you just left. With no reason, and without saying goodbye.
 Today I'm back to December, and I can honestly say it's the worse day of the year for me...
 I wish I could go back to the last year's December. But I can't. The time's not waiting for me... it's going on and on. The time has no memories, like I do... the time doesn't cry for every single time someone doesn't care about it, like me. I guess I'm the silly one. The time has no fault. It just exists. And it passes fast just to help us forget faster.
 But what if I just can't forget? I keep remembering all those crazy times you made me laugh... all those wonderful times we look straight into each others eyes. I wish I could go back to those times...
 I wish I could go back to the time when I haven't even met you.
 But then I smile... I smile because I know it's a new December... maybe this year it will be different. Or maybe not. All I know, is I'm going to remember the last December all my life...
  And then January comes... maybe a new beggining... or maybe not.

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